Best 10 Tips For Learn English Language Effectively

english language

English language is an interesting language to learn. It’s an international language, which is used all over the world in every sector like business, recreationals activities, technology, science, and many more. About 1.6 billion people used English language worldwide, it’s huge number of English speakers, which can give you a lots of dominance in your career and personal growth of life, and reached your destination effectively, so if you want to enhance more opportunities for yourself, learning English is more powerful skill in which you can do everythings and upsurge your personality all around the globe.


1. Focused on vocabulary

From my personal experience vocabulary plays a fundamental role in learning the English language. If you don’t know the meaning of words, it can be harder for you to learn English. One of the best tricks to know about words is social media like youtube, instagram, facebook and there are lots of apps, which give you extraordinary classes on how to learn English.

You can make a notebook and write vocabulary words on a daily basis to learn the English skills. You can see yourself as a good English speaker after some time, if you have a good dedication to learn the English language.

Moreover when you hear any words from others, then you should ask what is the meaning of the words and apply on yourself as well as you can write it down on your notebook, these type of activities will be save your time, as you won’t return to that word and ask yourself “What did the meaning of that words?”

English language

2.English Language Environment

Good environment is a key part of learning new skills. If you want to learn the English language, make the English environment yourself with it, as creating a fun and interesting environment, which will give you a better option to become a good man in English. 

Try to talk native English speaker for a few hours a day, who has a master’s in English language. In addition you should take admission in an English language course which will help you a lot to enhance your skills, and try to participate in events or seminars where English is spoken more and more by speakers.

To be very honest, you can read English newspapers and you can try to speak English language in front of a mirror as well as recording their voice and try to find mistakes and work on how you can boost yourself next time.

English language

3.Listening Practice

Listening is a good habit which should have been in every individual to grow their personality. Whenever you think about learning a new language you should have good listening skills. It is a vital part of learning the English language, you can’t avoid that part to learn English.

If you are good at listening you can not only improve your vocabulary, but also boost your English speaking abilities as well as the concepts of grammar. 

You can listen to English news, commentary, and discussion sessions to enhance your fluency, pronunciation, and listening ability. Furthermore, watching English films, Tv shows with subtitles will enhance your vocabulary as well as listening skills.

4. Reading a lots

If you want to become a good English speaker you need to have good reading skills. It’s not a recreational activity but also a better way to begin an English learning journey. If you have a good reader in English you can develop new words and phrases as well as grammar structures that will help you to become better.

Reading will also enhance your writing skills, as you can begin to write down some short texts, articles, comic books, and your journey. These kinds of activities boost your confidence and mastery of language.

5. English learning by writing

It is said that writing is one of the best ways to enhance your English language skills. With the help of writing you can practice using new words, while writing. You can improve your thinking level to express your thoughts. You can see writing is more and more vital in every field like emails, social media posts, for work and schools; so writing is important.

Writing is a good skill. It takes more and more practice, if you write on a daily basis according to your preference it would be better for learning the English language. 

You can get feedback from those who have a good knowledge of English, ask them to read your sentences and give you their honest belief. That kind of way you will be in a position where you can enhance and set up your strengths. Writing is a long process where you can see something impatient, so take a time and be patient and calm.

English language

6.Try to Speak English Language

If you want to become an extraordinary English speaker you need daily practice of speaking English. Daily practice will help you to become more natural, and enhance your vocab as well as gain more comfort by talking to others in English language. It will also help you in your Exam, job interviews, and can help you to move to a foreign nation for their higher academics.

Always try to speak English whatever you know, don’t worry whether it is good or not. Furthermore, you listen to English music and try to repeat what they say in their content. English speakers will also help you to enhance your pronunciation and fluency.

Whenever you speak English language you can record yourself and try to acknowledge your mistake.

English language

7.Go to Foreign

As we know that English is an international language which is spoken worldwide. There are numerous countries such as Canada, US, UK, Australia and there are many nations where English is spoken widely. Thousands of pupils immigrate  to that country every year to study.

 They choose these nations because the English language is used widely here and they can build their career and be able to understand the English skills, so going abroad is a better option for learning English.

8.Focused on English Grammar rules

If you have a strong desire to learn the English language, it won’t be a challenge for you to learn all English grammar rules. Grammar is the root of every language. If someone wants to learn any language, grammar is essential. With the help of online assets, fundamentals, writing, reading, and feedback you can boost your grammar capability to become a good speaker in the English language.

English grammar is too long, so you can start from the  basics of verbs, tense, nouns, and how to make simple sentence structure. Moreover you can watch some grammar based videos on youtube and on educational websites like byju’s, Unacademy. You can try to use grammar checker tools which help you to analyze areas that need enhancement.

9.Good English Pronunciation

If you want to become a good English speaker, you need to work on pronunciation which will help you speak clearly and correctly. Interestingly there is a little mistake in pronunciation that can completely change the meaning of the whole sentence.

First of all try shadowing a technique where you can listen to a native speaker say  something and try to understand what he says and how he is a better speaker in the English language. Moreover you can sing an English song with audio which will help you a lot to enhance your pronunciation skills. You can enroll in an English speaking course whether it is online or offline.

Logical and error-free pronunciation skills can help you to communicate more accurately and can be better understood by others. After some time you will see yourself as a good English speaker.

English language

10.Start thinking in English language

It is a key part of learning a new language more than grammar rules. With the help of thinking you can develop new your overall thinking skills. If you think in English language you can see yourself as a good English speaker and you are able to do everything in English.  

If you have an English thinking mindset , you can boost your empirical abilities as well as widen your perspective. These type of activities can boost creativity, communication skills and enhance problem solving skills, as you start thinking in English language  you not only get roots of the language but also immerse yourself in the cultural As you start thinking in English, you not only grasp the nuances of the language but also immerse yourself in the cultural complexities embedded within it.

English language

11.Learn English by using translation technique

Technology is surging day by day in every field. There are numerous platforms where you can learn the English language, so translation is one of the effective ways, as you can say something in your language and can translate in another language which you want to learn.

These techniques can make these difficulties fun and usable. You can turn on subtitles in your native language when you are watching movies or Tv shows. You can make a daily practice routine and you can see some difficulty in the beginning but after sometime you can become a good English language speaker yourself.

English language

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